Tuesday, 20 March 2018

On which Sustainable Development goals we shall build on

In 2015 UN announced their 17 sustainable development goals which need to be achieved by the year 2030. Certainly every sensible person on this very Earth would love to see peace, stability, justice everywhere. Everyone likes dreaming about utopias and perhaps that ability and creativity are the reasons people made their way from living on trees to creating civilizations. However just dreaming about the aftermath will not give us the awaited results. Moreover, if we just sit there and say “How good the world would be without corruption” the depth of corruption will continue to grow further. That’s why at first we understand the priority order and how to overcome the difficulties on our way to achieve our goals. For me the goal which needs to be addressed first is “Quality Education”. 
First of all, without quality education aiming for the goals would be worthless. Uneducated people like warring they also tend to hate more. Competing is all well and good, but not in the form of killing each other. Not only educated people are more tolerant, but they also help to reduce poverty as well. Right now we not just lack quality education but also inclusive education for everyone despite riches, genders and skin color. That is something which should be sorted by the government and to achieve that the authority should stop for a moment and take a look at themselves to make ways for free and achievable schools.
We’ve heard many opinions about the quality of education or even about the system as a whole. I am not an education system admirer myself and I believe this method which is pretty common for the whole world is not flexible enough for 7.6 billion individuals. Perhaps that’s because the majority of people select his/her qualification from all-known common professions. I believe to sort out this problem we should give opportunity to children to try out every known profession in the world to find what is their true talent. Perhaps an average engineer would have become world’s best plumber if he tried it in the first place. Obviously you need some basic knowledge too but all that can be achieved in 4-5 years. Later when a person decides on his future profession he gets to know deep details which only specialists need to understand. In result you have good men for their jobs and good country too as patriotism means doing your job properly.

In conclusion I would like to underline the fact that with this system you will have societies who are all-round developed. The more you know about humans and what they do for living the more you understand the civil culture and you start asking yourself “Why can’t we be more tolerant and strive together for our goals”. Once you’ve come to that state of mind you are ready to achieve the dreams of the far future. Soon the dreams you thought are for the future might as well become “Sustainable development goals”.

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