Thursday, 1 March 2018

If I had to save one Armenian cultural object

To be honest not much comes to your mind when you say “Armenia’s cultural heritage”. Some might point out things Armenian’s did while being abroad but I don’t really consider it because those people would not achieve half of their success if they stayed in Armenia.
System creates individuals; simple as that.  As we all know the thing Armenians do worst is creating a solid system so it’s nearly impossible that anything useful to this whole world would be created in this part of earth. Having said that, it’s not a mandatory that legacy should be good. For example Jews legacy to this world is Christianity which was spread to the whole world and caused Crusades, Inquisition and practically “Black Death”. Americans on the other hand created nuclear bomb which prevented 100s of wars between the “big boys”.
Anyway Armenians didn’t create but retained their language. Even though it’s nowhere near being a universal culture it’s pretty much unique. There is no language like Armenian language as it is an own branch in Indo-European language-tree. It has over 80 dialects with Karabakh dialect being the biggest one. That being said it is the second richest considering the amount of dialects. Exotic, isn’t it?

Jock aside it’s the reason the word “Armenian” didn’t disappear from dictionaries after not having sovereignty for nearly a millennium. And this language is the reason we stayed partly together. And that is why if I had to save only one Armenian cultural object that would be that very language and I would not hesitate to sacrifice all that churches, xachqars, temples(even though there’s only one left). 

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