Thursday, 15 February 2018

The day is August 4 , 21st century

 1. “Today is August 4, 2018”,
Today is August 4, 2018. I am walking on the streets of suburbs of Yerevan there are few houses where lights are on. There is life only in the city center and young people there drink, party and don't care about the poverty.
 2. “Today is August 4, 2026”,
Armenia's population is barely 1 million and while the first people arrive in Mars Armenian's are leaving their home faster than a cheetah would catch a goat 20 meters away. Party boys remeber about patriotism only after the 3rd drink and the millitary service is a pity.
 3. “Today is August 4, 2094,”
There is no Armenia on the world map.

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