Thursday, 7 December 2017

Study-abroad or party-abroad

Studying is an amazing thing. Studying in purpose shows person’s quality as a human. Having that purpose many people desire studying abroad. However that is only the first sight.
First of all we should admit that studying abroad means you are miles away from your family and especially parents. No control on you and you can do whatever you desired to do in your teenage but couldn’t because people were watching you. Now you are free and also INCOGNITO. You know that your life in that country is temporary and after few years you are going to leave it anyway. Such a paradox is seen mostly in the first few months abroad. This is because “every time you let the animal out cages it’s dangerous to people who look like strangers”.
Secondly going to a different country for studying is pretty risky. You can’t possibly know a lot about a university from internet. I mean you don’t know lot of graduator from that university and you don’t know if they have enough knowledge or not. It might seem complicated but there are plenty of universities in Oxford, but only one or two are better than the crap ones we have in Armenia. In the end you might enter an Oxford university but in the end you won’t have very much knowledge. It’s not a coincidence that some Oxford university graduators are extremely stupid compared to Harvard university dropouts. In short “Yerevan Medical University” and “Yerevan Medical University Gavar Branch” are not on the same level.
However study-abroad is also a big opportunity to grow as a person. You see different culture, different life, different opinions and different language. Few years abroad might give you more spiritual knowledge than 100 years in your country. Unlike the ordinary tourist’s experience a student studying abroad learns about the reality of the country.

In conclusion studying abroad is a difficult project, but it is worth taking it, because we’ve only got one life to live and the more we know and see the more we will feel as a human.

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