Monday, 6 November 2017

Telling lies. The cause and effect

Lying is just one of the things only humans can do. You can't say if it's something to be proud of but it's certainly something rare among creatures. There are 3 main types of lies.
First type of lies is when you lie to avoid punishment. For example two years ago we used to make up stories when we were late for lessons. We don't do it now because apparently teachers understand the reasons of us being late.
Some lie to use society the way they want. These are the lies that sound true and they are arguably the worst ones. I mean a legit person understands that if after a battle country's political situation gets worse than the country has lost the battle. And every legit person understands that if your country has 60000 casualties from just one battle than you have to talk about it in your history. As you probably guessed I am talking about the battle of Avarayr. That war most definitely didn't happen but people speak about it more than they speak about how we managed to break out from Soviet Uniton and create our own country.
And of course some people lie to exaggerate their actions. "And after just one glance of mine they were already on their knees begging me to forgive them." Most of the people hate such jerks but I think it's quite funny when you know he is lying. I think it's more about foolishness than vanity.

In conclusion I think we should not be angry at people who lie to us; however it's quite reasonable to be mad at yourself for being tricked.

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