Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Having a degree. Advantages and disadvantages

Like everything in life having a university degree has advantages and disadvantages.
First of all in university you get theoretical knowledge and degree is a kind of certificate which approves your abilities. However in most universities you don't get practical knowledge and low average quality of university graduators in Armenia means that degree is not an evidence for you that shows you are a good specialist.
Another disadvantage is that by being in university you waste at least 4 years of your life on knowledge which is not the most important. Come to think of it years between 18-22 are the best to gain knowledge and everyday study of not important subjects just ruins all of your bright years. Why should a future doctor have history lesson once a week is still a mystery for me.
Thirdly like I said university degree isn't evidence for employer you have quality as a genius and loser get the same piece of paper. However if you have appropriate knowledge you can get a job by showing your skills. For example my sister will start working as a counter after 2 months when she finishes her courses.

In conclusion having a degree isn't that bad thing, but the process might waste the best years of yours.

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