Monday, 18 September 2017

Our journey to Jayr

September 15 was the day we(mostly students of 11th grade) went to “Jayr” camp. The journey contained 3 projects and had a fixed timetable. We set off at 15:00 and were meant to arrive at 17:00, but we were caught in traffic jam on our way and we reached “jayr” at 18:00. We didn’t stop there and couldn’t have dinner otherwise we would be late for Artanish and couldn’t climb the mountain. As we reached Artanish we were accompanied by Artanish school students who helped us to climb the mountain. Frankly not all of us made it so those who couldn’t climb the mountain stayed on the foot of the mountain and danced under Armenian traditional music. 
The location of Artanish mountains
As soon as we returned to “Jayr” we had a dinner and celebrated birthday of our beloved friends Miqayel. On the next day we played party games such as “mafia” and most importantly we swam in our beautiful Sevan. The water was a bit cold though. And on our final day when we were coming back to Yerevan we stoped for a moment near the beginning of the river Hrazdan. I think as a citizen of Armenia it’s a must to see to fortune we have within Hrazdan. If there wasn’t for Hrazdan we wouldn’t have a freshwater lake in Armenia as Hrazdan is the only river beginning from Sevan.
The location of the beginning of Hrazdan

This was a long journey but it certainly was worth the wait(I’ve been waiting for this journey for 2 weeks now).

Journey map

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