Friday, 9 June 2017

The review of the summer camp 2017

The summer camp of this year was quite interesting for me. Firstly I was an organisor of the "board games competition". It was a bit hard to get pupils concentrated on your project and get them interested as well at the same time. And I also understood that teacher's job is very hard especially when students believe your project is boring. So in order to get them do something connected to lesson, I needed to sheer from my prepared occupation sometimes and listen what they actually want to do. And I also realised that you can't achieve anything without really wanting it, so I decided to split the group in 2 parts so that one group who really wanted to play wouldn't be distributed by other children.
Secondly I enjoyed this camp thanks to the "Group camping" system in our school. So in our group we did many fun activities and also did some translations. To finish our translations correctly in Armenian, we needed the help of Nune Movsisyan who helped us to perfect our translations. And as I said we did many fun activities and one of them was making "Tatarboraki". This traditional dish of Armenian cuisine was really tasty especially when it was made with our efforts. Pizza we made was even tastier. We lacked some facilities in our school though.
Plus our group also went to Zangu river, but sadly I couldn't take part in that journey.
So in conclusion it was a great summer camp and there is still much to improve in my organising skills.

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