Monday, 12 December 2016

Teenagers and charity

While thinking about charity we must mention teenagers as well. Some parents think that there’s no need for children to spend their pocket money on charity, but actually it’s an important fact for growth of child. It helps as grow with good intentions in life and feel confident as well. Another big problem is misunderstanding of charity in teenager’s case. I think that teenagers can do charity not just by giving money, but also with voluntary works. Unlike most of adults teenagers have much free time and they can do public works like cleaning memorials, planting trees or to aware people about problem they could face if they be careless. For example one of my friends told people about illnesses that sick animals can cause us. He may have saved many people with that job of his and he didn’t spend money as well. I can’t find better explanation of charity. There are many other voluntary jobs as well. Those are not direct charities but some adults spend money on them as charity and get blessed for them. As an example I will show how we are translating books for free. The quality may not be that great, but we make sure that we keep up translating works of our modern writers. I label it charity as well.

In conclusion I will say that charity for teenagers is that they do work for free which helps community. In this way you can call volunteers people with good will and you can encourage them for new charities as well.

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