Monday, 5 December 2016

Five seconds of happiness

Today I had 5 seconds of happiness. Generaly today was rubish and that's maybe because I had big expectations in the begining.
When you motivate high and then your expectations go wrong it's bigger disopointment than don't careing from the begining. It was like that today for me. But the 5 seconds I felt with a certain person by just saying "hello" realy was more expencive to me than the whole day without that certain person. Some say heaven is not hard to find, you just need to find right person to share it with. I think I succeded.
That's just an example about how can a person be happy for a while. I think of happiness as a momentary feeling for what we live the rest of our life. Happiness is the motive for keeping on doing our well-known jobs. And people fed up with their momentary happiness when they get used to it. We always think of happiness as something we lack and that's why we don't feel enough with what we already have. I am like that as well and because of that I am yet to understand what I actually lost beform aiming for new destinations. Generally in order to feel hapiness you need to lose and then gain. As famous asian quote says you must fall in order to know, hurt in order to grow, lose in order to gain, because life's greatest lessons are learned through pain. What we label as happiness is nothing but inspiration for us to believe that from now on everything will be ok.

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