Saturday, 19 November 2016

Recognize our schools

On Friday we visited East School and the school of crafts.
As I have graduate the East School I can see many changes there. Halls have gotten bigger, the enter of the school has changed and I also saw the bicycle are which we didn't have in our time. Generally the conditions are better now. The teacher staff also changed a bit and consists mostly young teachers.
The school of crafts impressed me even more. I think that in Armenia there are not many places where you can learn crafts and the school of crafts sure is something special in our sociaty. It's big opportunity for students to do what they actually want and to develop their skills in that sphere. When you enter there you can feel as you are in completly differenet place. It's out of mentality and can accept everyone who truelly wants to deal with his hobbies. If I had tallant I would have surelly be part of that school and knowing that there is an opportunity for the ones with that kind of mottos. 

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