Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Freedom is the responsibility

As Mkhitarian days are continuing in our school we had many guests today.
One of them was Karine Iarayan. Topic of the seminar was "Freedom and what that stems from that". Seminar was very interesting and the reason of that was existence of different opinions. Many students thought that there's no freedom and the other part of auditorium thought the other way. Discussion passed in debating atmosphere, but most importantly with the efforts of Mrs. Karine we all listened to each other and respected each other's opinion. Mrs. Karine stayed in the middle of debate as she tried to find truth in all our words. Maybe it was kind of skill for philosopher which we all for sure lack. Seminar lasted an hour but it felt like a minute, because it was very interesting and every person in the seminar participated in conversation. I would like to have more seminars like this in our educational complex. 

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